We, at Swift Canada, are deeply concerned about the environment. Because of this, we have implemented a strict policy minimizing the use of chemicals. All markings on our products are engraved instead of painted or coated. We also recycle all our wasted materials. We always want to use new environment friendly processes as they become available. We pledge to preserve our environment for all future generations.

Gas Cooktops
Swift Canada gas cook tops have automatic electronic ignition equipped with state-of-the-art flame sensing for re-ignition and flame failure device for auto gas shut off.

Coil Cooktops
Our coil electric cook top has delta elements that allows for good contact with cookware. It also has thermostatically variable control switches that offers ultra low temperature option and prevents overheating.

The Swift Canada barbecue griller features heavy-duty double walled panels for an efficient and safe cooking experience. It provides even heat distribution that keeps the barbecue exterior safe to touch.

The expertise for folding and bending of stainless steel material is maximized and tailored to achieve optimal efficiency through advanced process design and lean technology. The company is putting forward an advanced design that involves minimal machinery and assembly allowing for a reduced number of components. The assembly process is also deemed to keep the business locally.

All Swift Canada products offer smart design, quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and optimum performance for ultimate customer satisfaction. We maintain strict quality control over the manufacturing process and full statistical controls will be in place as per ISO 9000 standards.